Soulo Boutique is an online clothing store that has finally gotten its roots and has begun blossoming. Run solely by me: Shania, this boutique is dedicated to the free spirited, dream seeking, soul searchers that crave comfortable, affordable, and modern bohemian items to fill their closet.

I am fairly new yet owning my own boutique has been a forever, growing passion embedded in my soul for many years--before I can even remember. 

From 10+ years in retail experience, I’ve immersed myself into the fashion world. The industry has taught me what people look for and aspire to express through their style of clothing. This experience has opened the eyes of my friends and family, along with those who trust my reliable expertise: I have become the GO-TO person for fashion advice. I’ve decided to take a chance to finally embark on my next career path.With the push from my daughter and best friend, my mission is to hand pick and curate adequate, copacetic items to your closet. You will be confident and stylish in your own skin going out to brunches with friends, running daily/weekend errands, or just sitting on the sidelines of your kid's sporting events. These are the best years of your life, where you deserve to feel like you still got it, despite the growing number of candles you continue to blow out each year. My items will be trendy with a boho, hipster vibe; along with one of a kind, sustainable, re-worked (upcycled) pieces. My soul is wrapped in the arms of vintage flair with a hint of youthful finesse. Let’s remind these kids where they get it from--and remind ourselves that we never lost it!   

Peace, Love & Soul